Tips on Making Your Fashion Photo Shoot a Resounding Success


What this article will cover:

- Storyboard your photography plan
- Find the right talent
- Models should not intimidate you
- Scout the perfect location
As an e-commerce fashion entrepreneur, you probably understand the significance of a successful photo shoot. You understand that converting sales depends on how attractive your products appear on your website, but something always seems not to work out every time you plan a shoot.

When it comes to running a fashion enterprise and an e-commerce business, it’s imperative that your products are as excellent on the website as they are physically. To achieve this, you need to ensure you hire the best fashion photographer to give you that unique touch to your website.

The key to an excellent photo shoot is making early preparation. Whether it’s an impromptu session or a multi-person shoot with makeup artists and models, you need to remember a few essential elements. From preparation to choosing the right model to selecting a flawless team, the following pointers are essential in ensuring a successful photo shoot for your fashion business. By taking into account these tips, even a simple selfie can become something amazing and professional.

Storyboard Your Photography Plan

Early preparation will ensure you are better off when the time for the shoot arrives. The best approach to this would be to create storyboards which you can use to map out how you would love the entire process to play out. Create sketches of your images and put together “mood boards.” The mood board you create can be a template that features swatches of colors, your ideas of makeup and hair, and inspirational elements you would want added to your shoot. Although it’s not always necessary to plan the entire shoot, having some ideas in place and putting your thoughts into the process will go a long way in assisting your photography team to better understand and execute your ideas and the concept of the shoot.

You need to remember that not everything can go as planned, which is why it’s imperative to keep your team in the loop when any changes (such as a switch in makeup, hair or wardrobe) take place. If your photo shoot is to take place outside and the weather goes south, you’ll certainly need to have a plan B to fall back on.


Find the Right Talent

In need of a smooth-sailing shoot? Then you need to find as much assistance as possible. Fashion photography is all about teamwork, and every person needs to be involved and invested in the process. This includes the model, the photographer, as well as the creative team (wardrobe artists, the makeup artist, the prop directors and their assistants, and the art directors). If you succeed in your collaboration, you’ll most definitely have a productive day, one that ends with a beautiful set of images. The importance of team communication cannot be stressed enough – not only will this help run things smoothly, but will also ensure everything goes as planned.

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1. The Photographer

Obviously, if your fashion images are to look professional for your e-commerce website, you are going to need an experienced photographer. Choose a professional with the kind of style you believe suits the theme and look of what you are looking to shoot. Some fashion photographers prefer taking dark and dramatic images which center on shadow rather than light while others prefer the bright, clear, and stunning photos with some elements of fuss.

When listing a casting call for fashion photographers, make sure they send their CV and portfolio during application. That way, you’ll get a feeling of their strengths and style. That way, you can determine their capabilities and nature of their work.

If you’re working on a tight budget, this should not stress you. Money is not always an issue when it comes to fashion photography since most professionals are more than willing to work unpaid if the project is going to enhance their portfolio. To avoid confusions, be certain to state in your casting call whether the shoot will be paid or you are merely providing an opportunity for the photographers to build their portfolio.

How Should Photographers Handle Models?

Since models are also humans, it’s imperative that photographers know how to deal with them. Being aware of the responsibilities of the models goes a long way in helping the photographers devise means for connecting with them, which is imperative to ensuring the success of your fashion photo shoot.

Here are a number of pointers any photographer will find useful, irrespective of what the photo shoot is about.
- To create a connection with the models, spare some time for small talk and engage them in a professional and interesting manner. Ask them questions about how they found themselves in the modeling business. If they are working with a brand or endorsing a product, you can ask them if they really associate with brand or product they are endorsing. Whatever the case may be, let them know why they were selected so they can feel good about themselves.
- Adjust to the models’ personality. You don’t necessarily need to laugh out loud at their jokes but you can always try to be as energetic as they are. If they love certain music, be sure to include the music in the shoot. Some background music can help in relieving stress.
- When it comes to a fashion shoot, the models serve the reflections or physical interpretations of your creativity. For that reason, it’s imperative to let them know what it is you expect from them before you can begin the shoot. Likewise, everyone in the team (including the makeup artists, the stylists, and the creative team) need to understand that your top priority is ensuring the models are as comfortable as possible. For instance, you can ensure that the professional in charge of makeup doesn’t change the appearance of models continuously as this could leave them frustrated. Likewise, a stylist who resets the look or style of the model can easily elicit a negative reaction from them. If you have a model who isn’t feeling the shoot, chances are their attitude will reek through the photos. If you’re conducting a shoot with someone who isn’t interested, you’re going to sense it in their posture, attitude, and the outcome of the process.

2. The Model

When it comes to fashion photography, a model can easily make or break your shoot. Therefore, it is crucial to select an individual who is well suited to the vision of your business. If you feel like the model does not inspire you in any way, it is important not to work with them since their results will show in your work. How then do you choose the right model? Upcoming fashion photographers can call their friends to model, or may hit the street in search for the appropriate face for your e-commerce website. Apart from that, you can find listings on websites such as the Model Mayhem, or you may opt for a model agency. As long as the ideas for you shoot sounds appealing, the models will be open to working with you. Of course, if you are working with an established photographer, or if you are an experienced photographer yourself, developing a rapport with various modeling agencies will give you the upper hand when it comes to working with fashion models.

Remember, it’s always advisable to encourage and communicate with the models when shooting to inspire their best work. Make the model easy and comfortable by complimenting and letting her know what exactly what you need from them so they can work more efficiently.

You can also share your mood boards and your inspirations with your models so they understand what your vision is. If that doesn’t help, step into the world of your model and offer hands-on direction of how they are to pose. At this point, communication is crucial especially if you are working with more than one model – a group of models requires more time to learn how they are to complement one another.

Note: Ideas for mood-boards can be obtained from Pinterest. All you have to do is sign up and get inspired!

What are the responsibilities of models?

You should learn the responsibilities of models during a photo shoot before you can begin working with them. Here are some of the duties of a model during a professional shoot.
- Often, models are a representation of a certain brand, product, or advocacy. The main reason why particular models are selected is that they embody what the business or organization is looking.
- Models, whether upcoming or experienced, are to study and interact with the advocacy, product, or brand they are endorsing. They need to know the basics, whether it’s a fashion event or a brand.
- Models must abide by the instructions given by the photographer.
- All models should conduct themselves in a professional manner and must know how to work with people from different sectors, as well as those with different cultural beliefs and background.

3. The Makeup Artist

As an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, and as a person who runs an e-commerce business in fashion, you understand that makeup artists are very invaluable. If you happen to land on a good makeup artist, stick with them and let them know that you appreciate their effort. When it comes to fashion photo shoot, the makeup artists are the “Messiah” since they can transform ordinary models into superstars. Some of these professionals can be pricey, but there’s always an opportunity to negotiate and work out a reasonable deal that is suitable for both of you.

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Models Should Not Intimidate You

One of the important steps to ensuring a successful photo shoot is being aware of the model’s purpose and not being intimidated by their perceived fame. This cannot be stressed enough! In as much as you need to respect models, they should not intimidate you in any way. For every person involved in fashion photography and e-commerce, it is essential to understand how the industry works, and what roles the models play in the industry.

In most cases, you’ll end up working with celebrities and beautiful models, and this may intimidate you and push you further from achieving the vision of your shoot. The society usually puts so much weight on the look of a person and, of course, you’ll be interacting with models who are extremely beautiful.

Why is this aspect important? Because you always need to remember the principle mentioned earlier – models are also humans. On the same not, you should remember you are human as well, and the portraiture and fashion industry is usually open to every individual with the passion and gall to create beautiful pieces of art for others to enjoy.

Scout the Perfect Location

Lastly, to ensure your fashion photo shoot is a resounding success, you need to look for the perfect location. When it comes to photography, the location you pick for the shoot can be your most resourceful asset. The good thing about a photo shoot location is that you can always find one at an affordable rate. As a newcomer, if you are searching for the perfect location, try going to places that are free and easily accessible such as urban spaces, abandoned buildings, and public spaces. If you intend to emulate a studio space, a wall that is black in your home can come in handy, or you may want to team up with your colleagues to rent out a space.

On the other hand, if you are an established photographer, you may decide to rent out a location house, and of course, there are professional studios you can always rent out. However, before you go for these options, be certain to search for studio reviews so you can be confident you are picking the right location.

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