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As one of the leading product photography studios in London, 100% Digital knows that the success of your Ecommerce store is in a large part, dependant upon the quality of your product images which is why, choosing the right photographer for your products and inventory is crucial in helping you to sell more. For over 7 years, 100% Digital, has been helping discerning brands just like you by producing high-quality and product-centric images that have helped deliver high sale-conversion rates and low returns. What’s more, unlike most of the other photography studios in London, 100% Digital offers free amendments to your product photo shoot to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the portfolio.


We believe in creating the best images for your brand because we care about the success of your brand. Get in touch below for a same day quote.


The 100% Digital studio is in Park Royal, 5 minutes walk from an Underground and Overground Station.  

Unit 5 Hanover West, Acton Lane, Park Royal, London NW10 7NB
TEL: 0208 838 5809 EMAIL: info@100-digital.com


When is the product photography studio open?  
The studio is open Monday-Friday 09.00-18.00

How do we make a booking to book in some products for a shoot?  
To book a session for a fashion or product photography shoot, please call the studio and speak to one of the members from our dedicated customer service team. They will be able to advise you on available dates and pricing and can also give you guidance on preparing for your product photo shoot.

How is the pricing determined for the shoot?  
Due to the variety of work each photography shoot entails, the exact quote for your job can vary. We work with a per product price for product imagery and an hourly rate for creative.

Who takes the photos?  
Our in-house team of experienced fashion photographers take the photos. We don’t use freelancers and where possible you will be placed with the same photographer each time you shoot with us.

How quickly are the product photos ready?  
This depends on what it is being photographed and the quantity of products but generally speaking, we advise that 1 day’s product photo shoot will be available in 48 hrs. However, for urgent jobs, we do also offer a same day service.

How are the images delivered?  
You will be sent an FTP link to download the images from your product shoot which is live for 6 months. Your images can be provided at any size or format free of charge so you can upload them straight to your website.

Who owns the images?  
You do and as the client you will have permission to use the images however you want without incurring any extra fees.

What if we don’t like the images?  
If you don’t like the images do not fear. We have a free amendments policy so we will reshoot or retouch your product images until you are completely happy at no extra costs.